A lot has been written in the angling press about the effects of weather and lunar conditions on catch rates. However, this is often based on perception and experience and there is little evidence to support these theories.


Many anglers will keep a log of catches, venue, weight, bait etc. but anglers lack the resources to equate catch location, date and time to detailed weather conditions.


‘The Angling Edge’ is a web site (and a future planned mobile app), that allows the angler to gain never before seen information on their catches. Catches can be entered from July 2008 onwards (so dig out those old notebooks and catch reports!), and each catch will be associated with detailed weather and lunar information, based on the date, time and location of your catch. This means you can get a unique insight on your fishing straight away.


After entering your catches, the site provides intelligent and insightful statistics relevant to your fishing, unlike other so called predictive apps and sites, and will help you decide, when, where and how to fish.


The charts can be filtered by venue, species and or month of the year. Want to know the best wind conditions for catching carp on your particular lake? Do the moon phases really have an affect on my lake/any lake? Want to know your peak catch times? ‘The Angling Edge’ will provide you with the information!


Feature overview

- Totally unique, never before seen insight on your fishing
- Add catches from as far back as July 2008, and still get detailed weather information
- View charts, for specific venue, species and or date
- Share your catches and photos with your friends
- Many more features coming in future releases

Example charts:
- Key stats: average weight, number catches etc..
- Catches by moonphase
- Catches by Wind speed and direction
- Catches by month/season/time of day
- Catches by air pressure


All these reports can be filtered by venue and or species.
IMPORTANT NOTE:¬†This site has been developed with European coarse fishing (biased towards specimen anglers) in mind. The site will work for other countries however, if your country is not listed please email us and we’ll get it added.
As always, we are always happy to hear any of your suggestions for future releases or any views on the site. Feel free to drop me an email at chris@theanglingedge.com



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